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Cialis is more than just a drug for erectile dysfunction. This is the latest report regarding the health benefits of Cialis. A study suggests that the drug could not only help resolve the symptoms of erectile dysfunction for better sexual activity but it could also help improve ejaculation and orgasm. Men are potentially at risk of impotence as they age which is a condition that affect men’s ability to experience a sufficient erection during the sexual activity. Cialis has been indicated for the management of erectile dysfunction symptoms which gives men the ability to have effective hardening of their penile organ. So, buy Cialis for your health and enjoy your life!

Researchers believe that Cialis is capable of managing other sexual disorders apart from encouraging erection in men. However, men not only experience problems with erection but difficulty in ejaculating and orgasm as well. According to Dr. Darius Paduch of Weill Cornell Medical College Sexual Health and Medicine Director, Cialis works well in improving the ability of men for ejaculation. In partnership with Eli Lilly, the manufacturer of Cialis that funded the research of the research team led by Paduch, a clinical trial was undertaken among 3,600 males of 55 years old on the average who have trouble in achieving orgasm and ejaculation. These subjects took Cialis at different doses. The result of the clinical trial was published in the British Journal of Urology International where 70% of the participants who took Cialis manifest better ejaculation and improved orgasm. The result was promising despite the extent of the severity of erectile dysfunction among these men. Some men usually experience normal erection but have difficulty in reaching orgasm or ejaculation. This condition is most common among older men but it also occurs in men at a younger age.

Failure to ejaculate could impose difficulty between couples to have children. There is no current medication that could improve ejaculation in men until now that Cialis is found to have good indication in being a potential drug to encourage orgasm and ejaculation in men. With no other medications to turn to, this discovery about the other health benefits of Cialis could be a big help in providing men better options to manage their condition. The problem with orgasm has been attributed as more common in women but doctors claim that it is as prevalent in men as in women. Paduch and his team of researchers are optimistic that Cialis could further optimize the sexual satisfaction among men.

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